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Premarital Counseling

Are you engaged and already planning the big day? Or are you planning to move in with a partner? Marriage Counseling of Houston has premarital counselors to help you build a lasting, healthy, and loving relationship. Build a solid foundation to strengthen your relationship with us in this exciting time today.

Premarital Counseling Builds a Healthy Marriage

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Take this opportunity now with premarital counseling Houston to discuss the importance of critical values in your relationship. While both of you are preparing for the big day and in love, you may find problems present within yourself.

With couples counseling, you can plan for the future to discuss essential things you can encounter along the way. Working through stuff before getting married helps save unpleasantries, from arguments to disconnection.

You cannot expect anyone to know what you need or think, even if they finish your sentences for you.

"Our parents were concerned about us getting married. They did not think we are a perfect match. So we went for pre-marital counseling at Marriage Counseling of Houston to give them peace of mind. There we learned conflict resolution skills and much more. Today our parents are happy we are stronger than before and happily married."

- Jason and Brenda (Houston)

Build a Strong Foundation With Expert Counselors

The truth is each person has personality differences, even if they are similar in what they like. When you understand the perspectives with the right communication skills, it helps to save relationships.

Premarital therapy helps couples with communication styles tackle finances and parenting issues. Your upbringing, culture, religious belief, and personal styles can differ.

When you understand your personal preferences and your partners, it helps increase the connection between you. But, simultaneously, you can give each other respect and the love both deserve.

Premarital Counseling Benefits Houston TX 77009

Build a Lifelong Marriage Commitment

Getting married or even moving in with a partner is an incredible commitment. But, with the help of compassionate therapists, they can predict a breakup based on couples' behaviors.

Yet, working with marriage therapists, couples explore behavior patterns in different ways to communicate and connect. Each relationship can change with time. The honeymoon phase helps bond partners and is an exciting time.

Still, later in life, that love deepens to build a long-term romantic relationship. With time the patterns change, with some not so healthy and others healthy. Thus, the connection you now have is one you create with a partner over time.

The main thing is that healthy relationships take commitment, willingness, and trust. So by building a marital foundation at the start, you can prevent relationship conflict for the long haul.

Couples Therapy Expectations

Through pre-marital counseling at Marriage Counselors of Houston, you will experience many questions to explore the value of each partner. These topics can range from religion and discipline to parenting. The topics discussed are as follows:

  • The love you have for each other, what drew the two of you, and your relationship strengths.
  • The couples therapists will ask what your expectation and goals are as you both will share your visions. These can include daily expectations and having children. Also, what gender roles are expected, and how have your family's gender roles affected your life?
  • How is your relationship with all family members, even if the bond between couples is essential?
  • In the counseling sessions, you will be asked how you approach issues and handle times of stress.
  • Premarital counseling sessions will discuss future family life, from children to careers, and how you hope your marriage will look.
  • Another important thing is how you and your partner will handle the finances. What are the couple's goals, and what are each one's priorities? A fact is disagreements for couples that is huge is money and kids.
  • The other aspect for engaged couples is spirituality and their religious preferences.
  • Other vital things discussed are discipline with children and what makes you loved in intimacy and connection.

These are some of the essential things discussed. Still, you will most likely learn healthy communication skills to resolve conflict in married life, so if you want to build a meaningful life with effective communication.

Contact Marriage Counselors of Houston today. Together we will work on common issues like grief counseling equipping you with an effective tool to bridge any problems you face in the future.

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