Infidelity Counseling Houston

Infidelity Counseling

At the core of any romantic relationship, you must build a foundation of friendship, understanding, hope, and trust when one-half of the relationship commits infidelity, whether emotional, physical, or both, it changes the dynamics in the relationship.

Working with an unfaithful spouse takes tremendous effort to decide if you want to work on the relationship or part ways. Our infidelity counselors can help couples in a safe environment to answer difficult questions to achieve a positive recovery process.

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Whether you decide to call it quits separating or try to work on your relationship, we can help both get a mutual understanding of what caused the physical affair to create feelings of anger towards each other.

Here is What to Expect With The Traumatic Experience

Infidelity comes in many forms, from physical affairs to emotional ones leaving couples with relationship insecurities. One partner feels a sense of loss, leading to emotional behavior and communication issues. You need to rebuild a foundation of trust. It is possible to make your relationship stronger with infidelity counseling in Houston.

So, what can you expect when facing relationship conflict and visiting a couples counselor? Here at Marriage Counseling of Houston, we know how difficult it can be for couples to look for help in the first place.

Hence, the first session starts with processing the couple's emotional state. Then, with the affair recovery therapy session, counselors set reasonable expectations to begin the recovery process.

Unfortunately, there is no time frame as to how long it can take in couples sessions to recover and build trust with each other again. The impact of infidelity is enormous, and the experience of infidelity varies from one person to another.

The partner involved can go through shock and feel betrayed, leaving them with emotional trauma. They feel rejection, confusion, and shame; there is hot anger, and the healing process takes time.

"I met a man online. I became absorbed, and my relationship with my husband suffered. Finally, I broke down and acknowledged it to my other half. I wasn't able to control my emotions and stop until I spoke to a therapist at Marriage Counselling of Houston. I felt shoddy and was looking for comfort in the wrong place. Everything is now in check, and we are happier than before."

- Dominic Blanche (Houston)

What Comes Next?

Once the feelings of the betrayal trauma are realized and couples decide to give their relationship another try instead of giving up, the real work starts. The next phase with the expert counselor is to find out why the infidelity started in the first place.

The fact is that no relationship is perfect, and adultery can cause disturbance in the foundation of any healthy romantic relationship. It causes an emotional roller-coaster as there is a loss of intimacy resulting from betrayal. These include:

  • The loss of trust and rebuilding trust takes a long time and needs loads of patience and understanding from both sides. Our professional counselors work with both partners without taking sides in finding ways to move forward.
  • Our experienced counselors work with couples to build their communication broken down. During the process, it will help build levels of trust as couples can communicate effectively to discuss their concerns. With open lines of communication during arguments, no one will say something they will regret.
Infidelity Counseling Houston TX 77009
  • Couples counseling services can help rebuild the intimacy they lost, even if it is the most challenging phase. Together with a skilled therapist, they look at this deep issue, and the partner needs to work hard to reassure the betrayed partner that they are desirable again.
  • Lastly, couples need to take accountability and responsibility for their actions. A key to recovery is for both partners to work together to make the relationship thrive.

If you are still searching for an experienced marriage or premarital therapist, you're not alone, as you can start your recovery journey with us. Marriage Counseling of Houston can talk to you and your partner about infidelity and the infidelity recovery stages. Our therapy team is always available to help with the therapy process to help build stronger relationships. We can help with a relationship after adultery, whether it is physical an emotional affair.

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