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Humans want to connect with others as we are relational beings. We want a fulfilling relationship and understand how painful relationship problems can be for all involved.

When associations go well, the world feels like a better place. But when those relationships struggle, everything crumbles around you. Unfortunately, most people do not realize that most fights within a relationship have no solution.

It is a perpetual problem; most people keep fighting over the same problem, and the fights play out the same way. As a result, couples wait years to talk to a couples counselor or seek relationship advice.

So, couples can wait for a whole six years to repeat fights. Marriage Counseling of Houston can help.

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Couples Therapy

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Infidelity Counseling

Infidelity is a common thing...

Family Counseling

Every family has a cross they...

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Work & Career Counseling

Are you finding it difficult to go to work as you are being harassed or maybe a victim of bullying? Perhaps you are having performance issues and are not as motivated and happy as before. Talk to one of our qualified couples therapists trained to deal with any situation. We have supported Houston citizens for years with work and career counseling. With stress management therapy, you can deal with relationship issues at work. Get your life back on track today. 

Addiction & Recovery Counseling

Addiction of any form, from alcohol, substance abuse, and gambling to sexual addiction, can ensure that true intimacy in a relationship fails. Our licensed couples therapists in Houston have years of training in addiction and recovery counseling.

Are you ready to restore your relationship?

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Whats Our Client are saying

- Colin McCormick (Houston)

As it happens these days, I met a woman in an app. It wasn’t long before I was infatuated, and my marriage suffered. I gave in and confessed to my wife. I couldn’t stop till speaking to a counselor at Marriage Counseling of Houston. I felt little and had to boost my confidence. I’m back in a good place thanks to our counselors forgiving wife.”

-M Roberts (Houston)

“With the current economic climate, my business folded. Debts piled up and I was hitting the bottle to solve my issues. I’d nowhere to turn apart from Marriage Counseling of Houston. They couldn’t help my money problem, yet they helped me understand how to deal with it without too much stress.”

Marriage Counseling of Houston and Surrounding

No matter your concerns, our relationship counseling therapists are ready to help. We provide therapists, treatments, and different therapies in Houston. So whether you suffer from anxiety, depression, grief, or have family concerns, we can help.

Make your issues our problem to work through the confusion and self-doubt to find a way to move forward. Marriage Counseling of Houston will help you move forward to build a meaningful connection with yourself and others.

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