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Marriage Counselling of Houston

In your relationship, are you going through difficult times and searching for someone to speak to? We are here to support you; we will assist with marriage counseling for couples, and help you overcome many problems and help you in all facets of your relationship.

Marriage counseling in Houston can be somewhat traumatic; the concept of talking to strangers can scare off the toughest people; we guarantee absolute confidentiality for you and have the utmost empathy for your situation.

Marriage Counseling of Houston are there to conduct marriage counseling, and cover all aspects of a relationship, from premarital counseling, infidelity counseling to divorce counseling, regardless of whom you wish to confide in and regarding any topic.

It will assist you in dealing with any problems you find to be of significance. We promise that we will help to address these problems and adequately motivate you for a positive tomorrow for all concerned parties.

Our marriage counseling and family therapists have a wealth of expertise, supporting people like you all over Houston. You no longer have to battle through such situations alone.

Many couples and families have benefitted greatly from relationship counseling and coming to terms with painful circumstances, and bouncing back from insecurity, stress and chemical abuse.


Couples Therapy

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Infidelity Counseling

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Work & Career Counseling

Are you getting harassed at work and being a company gossip target? Are you a victim of bullying at work, or are you having difficulties with your work performance and losing all your happiness and motivation?

We have relationship counseling therapists in Houston who have supported many people who find themselves in similar circumstances and come to feel as if it is the end of the world.

However, we can assure you that not everything looks too grim; we can deal with stress management and any form of work and career problems to help you get back on track.



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“As it happens these days, I met a woman in an app. It wasn’t long before I was infatuated, and my marriage suffered. I gave in and confessed to my wife. I couldn’t stop till speaking to a counselor at Marriage Counseling of Houston. I felt little and had to boost my confidence. I’m back in a good place thanks to our counselors forgiving wife.”

Colin McCormick (Houston)

“With the current economic climate, my business folded. Debts piled up and I was hitting the bottle to solve my issues. I’d nowhere to turn apart from Marriage Counseling of Houston. They couldn’t help my money problem, yet they helped me understand how to deal with it without too much stress.”

M Roberts (Houston)

Addiction & Recovery Counseling

When the worst happens, often, people use alcohol or substance abuse rather than confront their feelings and fears. Such a situation can lead to a deterioration in your family and social life, and the effects can also be much worse if people look for relief, beverages, alcohol or the support of people with addictions.

It can contribute to the issues that kill a relationship; if the problems are not faced, it can destroy lives. Our marriage counseling therapists are experts in these fields and can help couples or families from all walks of life.


Contact the Marriage Counseling of Houston marriage counseling office, as soon as you or you know of someone in this situation; no one can use these techniques to mask issues that addiction and rehabilitation therapy will fix quickly.

Our therapists are seasoned in many areas, whether it’s drinking, substance abuse, gambling, unnecessary expenditure, or sexual dependency. They can detect the many signs of addiction, ranging from denial of actions, uncertainty or goodness to the fear of any consequences if such behavior stops.

We include personal-centric therapies, motivational interviews, and cognitive-behavioral treatments, which combine the most common approaches in addiction treatment.

Relationship counseling has been shown to be successful in the treatment of these addictions, combined with recovery or group therapy.

Our addiction therapists will help you resolve the deepest fears and feelings that can lead you to dependency and encourage you to rely on yourself instead of on external effects that can devastate you and your environment.

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Marriage Counselling of Houston

Regardless of your concerns, we are always available to help you. In Houston, we have therapies, treatments and therapists, which can be paired with any anxieties, issues or guidance you need.

Your issues are our problems, and we are well aware of how tough times can become stressful and fill you with self-doubt and confusion about how to move forward.

Marriage Counseling of Houston will show you the way forward by trained therapists, and you can find there is light at the end of the tunnel, although it may be a situation where you need some help and thoughtful guidance to reach it.

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