Divorce Counseling Houston

Divorce Counseling

Going through a divorce is something you never imagined would happen to you. The divorce process is challenging and stops you right in your tracks. Your world feels as if it is crumbling around you.

Whether you're on the brink of divorce, thinking about a separation, or wanting to try again, visiting couples therapy can help. Even if you feel relieved as your marriage is over, you still have memories with hopes and dreams and hurting inside. Marriage Counseling of Houston has a professional counselor to help you overcome your sadness of divorce or help you with divorce advice.

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The journey of divorce is not easy, and it helps with life after or families during divorce. We also provide post-divorce counseling, and in either case, you will have support at your side through the ramifications of divorce concerning your feelings. No matter the reasons for divorce, bottled emotions can become overwhelming.

Still, you need not go through the process of divorce alone. We can help with divorce recovery counseling.

"I remember going through my divorce grief from an abusive relationship. It was not an easy divorce,, but with the help of Marriage Counseling of Houston, I now have a happy relationship with a caring man I thought I would never have."

- Amanda Rival (Houston)

Why Consider Post or Divorce Counseling?

Ending an unhappy marriage, hostile relationship, or family relationship is a good reason to enter counseling with an experienced therapist. Why? To whom will you go now that the person that used to listen to you is causing all the negative feelings? How will you learn to function without your partner when deciding to divorce?

Divorce Counseling Helps With Confidence After Divorce

Break-ups are good reasons to get new bangs/colors and a new wardrobe. While you may feel at your lowest, you want to change to self-improvement. Starting a new habit or even a healthy routine is empowering.

So, the perfect place to start is with our individual-to-divorce group counseling. But, unfortunately, a divorce can lead to unhealthy habits, and no matter the choice for divorce, you can come and cry and get rid of all the pain.

Our divorce counselor cares during divorce, and you can discuss anything.

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Let's Help With Discernment Counseling

Are you standing at a crossroads and knowing the next step is the most crucial decision in your marriage? Still, you're unsure of what you want to do and feel conflicted.

Yes, the importance of getting divorced is exhausting but also overwhelming. You find it difficult to talk to family and friends as you fear judgment. But, then, you will discover discernment counseling is a great help.

Our discernment therapists can help you work through the decision you need to make. We also provide couples therapy to determine if both partners are in a committed relationship to give their marriage another try.

During discernment counseling, partners can decide whether to build on their relationship. With a clear mind and wisdom, your decision can become more apparent.

How Divorce Counseling Can Help

Whether you decided to separate or divorce, a question we often get is now what? The question arises when children are part of the divorce process. So, if you struggle with co-parenting, we can help work it out with your ex.

When talking to kids about divorce, our counselors can help with child development through play therapy. With the process, children can understand what will happen, and we also take the child's best interest.

Whether you have a toddler, tweens, or teens, our divorce therapy sessions can help the family get through the divorce process comfortably. Remove a distressed relationship to build amicable relationships for the future.

Begin Your Road to Divorce With Marriage Counseling of Houston

Whether you're going through the life-altering event of divorce or separation, we can help with the grief, guilt, depression, and anxiety that goes with it. We know the ramifications that divorce can have on families and the pain they go through.

Our marriage therapists can help families build a relationship without conflict and doubt to help with an improved on-going relationship for all. Contact us today if you are families with children needing child counseling or want to rebuild a strong marriage.

We are here to help you through the complex emotions married couples face when separating or divorcing. Let's help resolve the communication and parenting issues by investing in healthy options to give everyone peace of mind during this trying time.

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