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Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Are you always overwhelmed by worry, anxiety, and fear? Does your mind keep racing, or do you have trouble falling or even staying asleep? Perhaps you woke up in the middle of the night and worried about tomorrow with feelings of anxiety.

Maybe you constantly obsess or fixate on an idea or event from past life experiences. Alternatively, does your mind go way hire and think fast or do you feel shortness of breath?

helping you with depression Houston TX 77009

Maybe you constantly obsess or fixate on an idea or event from past life experiences. Alternatively, does your mind go way hire and think fast or do you feel shortness of breath?

Lastly, maybe you fear failure with feelings of stress and worry about social situations trying to avoid problems, objects, or places. These anxiety issues can result from financial, work-related, or family stress to traumatic events.

Those heart palpitations you feel can end up as generalized anxiety disorders to other depression symptoms. You're not alone, as anxiety and depression are common mental health disorders worldwide.

So take control of your life by slowing your mind and letting go of worries or dread the next day. Instead, learn to live with optimism as there is help for this mental health condition.

With Marriage Counseling of Houston, we have a treatment plan to help you build a meaningful life again other wise it can lead you to addiction.

Move Away From Your Anxiety Conditions

You can feel anxious at any time, but anxiety counseling services can help when it becomes persistent. Persistent anxiety disorder symptoms can remove the ability for you to enjoy life.

As you feel constant worry, it makes it impossible for you to focus on your daily life leading to chronic anxiety and results in depression. It can lead to you obsessing over anything and blowing it out of proportion. You imagine worst-case scenarios or feel tired the whole time.

With excessive anxiety and depression, your muscles tense up, and you have constant headaches to stomach pain. Maybe you have looked for medical advice but found no diagnosis for your condition.

The truth is it needs not to be this way, as our certified anxiety therapists can help you discover your anxiety triggers and help you with awareness of anxiety to take back control of your life.

"About a year ago, I lost my son in a car accident and could not understand why it should have happened to him. He had his whole life ahead of him. I became so obsessed with losing him that I could not think about anything else, even after grieving. Finally, I decided to take control of my life and when for counseling for anxiety. Today when thinking of my son, I still grieve about him, but the emotions are more bearable."

- Catherine Gable (Houston)

Understanding Anxiety and Depression 

When visiting one of the Marriage Counseling in Houston, therapists first determine the form of a trauma you may have experienced as there are different anxiety and depression types we treat. These include the following:


When you stress, your body responds to change resulting from family to career concerns. The emotional stress can become persistent, resulting in anxiety, burnout, physical illness, and depression.

Generalized Anxiety

When you constantly worry, your body finds it difficult to relax. Instead, you find your mind running and always expecting the worst.


Anxiety Counseling Houston TX 77009

Panic/Anxiety Attacks 

The feeling is intense and results from excessive worry that is consistent. These worry feelings result in heart palpitations, chest pain, increased heart rate, breathing concerns, and throat tightening. 

Social Anxiety 

As with extreme worry leading to panic attacks, social anxiety is the fear of judgment. Hence, it becomes difficult for you to appear in public, visit social events presentations, or speak up at work.


Post Traumatic Stress is a form of anxiety leading to depression, an intense fear resulting from traumatic events. The intense fear can be from being raped, physical abuse, shame, an accident, or even war. You experience consistent worry mentally and physically while avoiding anything related to that experience.


Millions of people go through trauma daily, and anxiety disorders in people make them feel emotionally and physically unsafe. It can be from past or current events. It leaves you with numbness, fear, dread, and different emotions.

Compulsions and Obsessions

When a person has uncontrollable thoughts from obsession to specific behaviors or rituals, it is called OCD and can become severe.


The phobia anxiety disorder can be anything from fearing heights, flying, driving, injections, dentistry, and more.

Our mental health professional can help with the above concerns by providing treatment based on your personality type and experience.

Let's work together to handle your persistent stress to prevent it from leading to depression or any other severe mental condition.

Feel Empowered With Depression & Anxiety Counseling

At Marriage Counseling of Houston, our licensed therapists focus on an anxiety treatment plan to determine the impact of anxiety symptoms in your life. If you have issues with anxiety and feel out of control yet powerless, let our licensed anxiety therapist help.

You need not deal with the experience of anxiety alone, as it is mentally and physically draining. Instead, you can work with a therapist in a supportive and safe environment through your period of pressure to gain control of your life.

Anxiety and depression counseling in Houston concentrates on learning and listening to your body to recognize life stressors and address them before they escalate. Then, with the tools to help manage stress, you can easily enjoy life with the balance to cope with it.

Learn to deal with major life transitions today with our cognitive behavior therapy plan to bring meaning to life again. You need not be left at the mercy of your body and mind but can develop feelings of power, safety, and security within yourself.

Depression counseling Houston TX 77009

Happiness in Life Starts Here

Work with one of our depression and anxiety counselors to handle life with ease again. Learn to manage your stress and anxiety symptoms. You need not live with fear or sleepless nights in your personal life. We will help you with the ability to remain emotionally, physically, and mentally calm. Learn to handle feelings of worry with the help of our licensed professional therapists. Then, you can turn your life around.

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