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Grief Counseling

Are you going through emotional pain resulting from losing a loved one, a pet, work, and more? Unfortunately, at this moment in your life, it feels like that pain will never end. But the fact is it can get better.

Maybe you feel paralyzed and cannot concentrate, and sometimes you feel misunderstood. Then, even through the pain, you put on a happy face but feel miserable inside.

The truth is you fear that you will never reach a healing process from your grief, but our grief counselors can help get your life back.


Grief: What is it?

The grief process is the emotional anguish you feel after an unbearable major loss. Still, the grieving process helps you to heal. For some people, the stages of grief are short, while for others, it is a huge life transition and more intense.

No one is prepared for grief as it happens unexpectedly and can result from a major life transition from a job, loss of health, losing a loved one, and even a breakup.

The grief experience is different as you may not receive the support from the people you thought you would. However, family and friends to co-workers have commented, saying you need to look at the bright side.

"I lost my husband in a car accident caused by a drunk. I endured painful experiences with hate against the person for taking my beloved's life. I even blamed God and started giving up on my daily life. Then, a close friend of mine recommended I go and see a grief therapist at Marriage Counseling of Houston. They helped me through my feelings of loss,, providing me with helpful tools to face my everyday life."

- Marinda Knox (Houston)

Start The Road to Recovery With Grief Therapy 

Marriage Counseling of Houston provides a grief counseling session to resolve grief issues. Grief therapy aims to help you move on through the cycle of grief.

The truth is that the pain of loss doesn't go away, but it changes. For this reason, our grief specialist does not put your grief in a box. Instead, we help you cope with your grief and provide compassion while doing it.

Your family and friends will try to cheer you up, but working through the emotions of grief is essential. With grief counseling you can heal with the help and understanding of a grief counselor.

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Grief Counseling Gives Hope After Loss

In a safe space, you can express your feelings to work through the normal grieving process to rid yourself of the feelings of sadness. With bereavement counseling, you will learn to:

  • Acknowledge your loss and overcome depression related to grief.
  • You will find encouragement and hope as you work through your overwhelming feelings.
  • At the same time, you get support with understanding and working through all those difficult emotions.
  • You can also heal from your traumatic grief or even unresolved grief that leaves you with painful emotions daily.
  • On your healing journey, you learn to cope with your loss and still honor your loved one.
  • The path to recovery will help you resolve the guilt feelings and leads you toward accepting your loss and forgiving.

All it takes is time for emotional healing to take place and find peace within yourself, leading to joy and living again.

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You Need Not Live Your Life With Grief

While we cannot take your pain away, we can help you with counseling for grief to prevent prolonged grief in your life. The feelings of grief over a long time can result in loneliness, anxiety, stress, substance abuse, low self-esteem, and even depression. Marriage Counseling of Houston's goal is to help you through the grief recovery process to heal. We learn you coping strategies to cope in your daily life. Contact a grief therapist today to prevent the loss of health and start your grief recovery process NOW!

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