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What is Addiction?

Take the most powerful step in your life with an addictive behavior by visiting Marriage Counseling of Houston to a road of recovery. We know how addiction can impact life or families. Addiction is powerful, and our addiction counselors know the challenges you or another person can face on their road to recovery.

Whether it is an addiction to drugs, substance use disorders, compulsive behaviors, and more, we know the journey to recovery is not easy. So, take the first step to start your addiction therapy treatment to begin healing.

Addiction Counseling Houston TX 77009

"I was a high roller with an elite job in Houston, but gambling to drinking nearly ruined my marriage and life. My wife gave me an option to gamble or divorce, and we started going to couples therapy to work through my addiction difficulties. It's been a year, and we are happily married, but I still need to go to group sessions until I can handle the situation myself."

Wayne Jordan (Houston North)

Complex Addiction Symptoms

Addiction comes in many forms and is a powerful disease. While the most common form of addiction is alcohol and substance abuse, there are many other forms.

These can include gambling, eating, shopping, to sexual addiction. Yet, in most cases, it feels as if you lose your sense of control, and it is complex. Addiction leaves you with mental to physical symptoms taking over the mind.

Hence, addiction and recovery counseling in Houston is essential for rehabilitation. If you or someone else is suffering from this chronic disease, consider starting the healing journey with Marriage Counseling of Houston today.

The Form of Addiction

Addiction leaves you helpless with physical health complications as you lack control of your behavior. There are types of addiction, physical and psychological.

Addiction recovery counseling Houston TX 77009

Physical is a life of substance abuse, including alcohol, while psychological addiction can be a sex dependency, shopping, and gambling. Still, these two types of addiction go hand-in-hand.

The reason is that when the activity or substance is removed, a person develops withdrawal symptoms that can become dangerous. But the difference is that only psychological addiction is linked with compulsive behavior and a need to follow that addiction, but it is not physical.

Both these mental health disorders can result from emotional issues, but we can help patients to cope with their addiction.

Start The Healing Process Today

You need not go through your addictive behavior alone feeling blame, shame, or guilt. If you or someone you know needs an addiction therapist to handle the withdrawal symptoms, our specialized addiction counselors can help.

Contact us today for a complimentary addiction counseling session to discuss your needs and answer questions. We can help with the signs of addiction and help with addiction treatment.

We use different addiction counseling methods as we know how addiction impacts families and your life. We will support you and help family members through the process of habits in your lives.

Addiction treatment begins here with our addiction specialists. You can live a meaningful yet vibrant life free from your addiction.

Getting over addictions Houston TX 77009

Are You Powerless? Do You Want to Help an Addicted Loved One?

Are you concerned about a loved one watching how the effects of addiction are damaging their life? Maybe you've tried everything to get the best support for your loved one, but nothing makes a difference. There could be broken promises or a hiding behavior with dishonesty impacting everyone's life. Maybe things are becoming unstable at work or home for the person. So, if you're ready for an intervention needing expert support with guidance, call our counseling for addiction today.

Addiction Recovery Counseling of Houston

Addiction is a complicated mental health condition, and different factors contribute to its development. Still, no matter what addiction, they are not a bad person. The truth is that addiction can result from family history, genetics, and environmental factors.

Part of the mental health professionals' process is identifying the cause and addressing it with the proper treatment leading to healing paths. Most addicts must go through a detoxification period, whether it is a dependency on substance use or even gambling or shopping.

Doing this helps the person start rehabilitation through different counseling methods depending on the addiction. During the recovery from addiction, the addict gets a set of tools to help them with the addiction triggers.

The new skills provided by our expert addiction therapy service will help prevent a relapse turning back to the old habits to become a happier person.

The Evaluation For Addiction Therapy Starts Here And Now

The path to healing starts here with Marriage Counseling of Houston. We know that the healing path is not one size fits all. Our primary goal is to build healthy habits with effective strategies catered according to each individual's needs. Get in touch with us to tackle the major issues before the lack of control becomes a problem. We are ready to help with our addiction recovery counseling NOW.

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