Glenwood Cemetery

Glenwood Cemetery is a part of Houston, Texas' rich history. Established in 1871, it is the city's oldest cemetery and one of the largest cemeteries in the state, with over 65 acres of lush green grass and sprawling oak trees. It offers a tranquil respite from the noise of city life, and it serves as a testament to an impressive array of historical figures, including former U.S. Presidents, governors, mayors, senators, prominent business leaders, veterans, and community activists who have helped shape Houston's past and future.

With its beautiful landscape and fascinating historical background, Glenwood Cemetery is well worth visiting for anyone interested in learning more about Houston's unique culture and heritage.


Glenwood Cemetery is home to numerous historic and majestic monuments that serve as a tribute to the individuals and families buried in this historic cemetery. The monuments range from simple to ornate, reflecting various architectural styles in different parts of the world. Some of the cemetery's most impressive monuments include the Gothic Revival-style mausoleum of Julia Ideson, the neoclassical-style Rice family mausoleum, and the Art Deco-style Adams mausoleum.

These monuments are notable for their intricate architectural details and ornate sculptures, making them a must-see for those interested in history, art, and architecture. In addition to these elaborate monuments, the cemetery is home to numerous headstones that reflect both the simplicity and intricacy of life, making it a fascinating site for visitors seeking a glimpse into the city's past.

Overall, the Glenwood Cemetery's monuments offer a unique and serene environment for remembering the contributions of individuals and families to Houston's history and being a testament to the art and architecture of their time.

What Else to Visit at Glenwood Cemetery

Aside from its stunning monuments, Glenwood Cemetery in Houston, TX, has much to offer visitors. A serene and picturesque lake within the cemetery grounds is perfect for a peaceful walk or a picnic lunch.

Visitors can also take guided tours to learn more about the notable individuals buried here and the cemetery's architecture and landscape design. The cemetery hosts special events like tours with authors, group yoga sessions, and photography classes. On any given day, visitors can spot over 150 historic trees, including oaks, magnolias, and cypresses, some of which are over 100 years old. One such tree, a live oak that natives call the "Big Tree," is believed to be between 200 and 400 years old, and it's a must-visit spot within the area.

In addition, you can see vibrant wildlife like different species of birds, including ducks. Glenwood Cemetery provides visitors a serene and tranquil space, perfect for exploring Houston's rich history or enjoying an afternoon picnic.

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