F.M. Law Park

F.M. Law Park is a community park located in Houston, TX, and is a beloved destination for locals. Its convenient location in Houston's Third Ward neighborhood makes it easy to access from all parts of the city. Whether looking for a fun time out with your kids or planning a special event, F.M. Law Park has something for everyone!

History, Vision, & Mission

F.M. Law Park was established in 1986 in honor of Frank M. Law, a renowned Houston attorney and civic leader. The park, a 4.5-acre urban oasis, was designed to serve as a hub for social and recreational activities for the surrounding community.

The park's design combines contemporary and traditional elements, blending with the surrounding urban environment while retaining the area's natural beauty. Notably, the park features a tranquil water garden, a walking track, a playground for kids, picnic tables, and ample green spaces for family gatherings and community events.

The F.M. Law Park's vision is to provide Houstonians with an accessible and rejuvenating park for outdoor recreation and leisure. This vision is complemented by the park's mission of creating a safe and inclusive space for visitors, emphasizing civic involvement and a focus on environmental sustainability. The park's designer, Charles Tapley Associates, incorporated Law's love for nature to create a sustainable park that echoes his passion for conservation and the environment.

The park has flourished over the years, becoming a popular destination for outdoor events, picnics, and sports activities. Visitors and locals appreciate the park's serene environment, making it a favorite spot for relaxation and community gatherings.

What to Do at F.M. Law Park

Enjoy the Nature

One of the most beautiful features of F.M. Law Park is its variety of enchanting trees and flowers. You can see several species of trees, including magnolia, oak, and pecan. You can also enjoy various colorful flowers that vary based on the season. The park bursts into color in spring with pastel-colored wildflowers, including the bluebonnet and Indian paintbrush.

Explore the park's walking trail that winds through the trees during your morning walk or jog. Additionally, the park's playground provides children with a fun and engaging environment to play and socialize with other kids in the community.

Picnic and Family Gatherings

F.M. Law Park is an excellent spot for a family picnic or a lazy afternoon of reading a book by the water garden. The park features shaded areas with picnic tables perfect for family gatherings or friendly get-togethers. The water garden adds to the park's tranquility and provides an excellent spot for a peaceful study break or a serene outdoor meditation session.


If you're looking for some exercise, F.M. Law Park provides ample space to play team sports like football and soccer or to indulge in leisurely activities like yoga, tai chi, and other forms of exercise.

F.M. Law Park is an idyllic spot to experience nature in the heart of Houston. You can enjoy the park's natural beauty with a walk through the greenery, a peaceful picnic, or family time with friends, while children can have fun and socialize at the playground. Make sure to visit the park during spring to witness the awe-inspiring wildflowers blooming in all their glory. With its tranquil atmosphere, manicured landscape, and active features, the park offers the perfect escape from the bustling city all year round.

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