James Driver All-Inclusive Park

The James Driver All-Inclusive Park in the Houston area, is a 7.5-acre park that offers a one-of-a-kind playground environment for children of all abilities. It is designed to provide a fun and inclusive environment for children with disabilities, allowing them to engage in play and social activities with other children. The park features an array of inclusive playground equipment, including swings, slides, sensory play equipment, and a splash pad.

Vision and Mission

The James Driver All-Inclusive Park in Houston, Texas, has a remarkable vision and mission to provide a playful environment that empowers children of all abilities to enjoy social and physical activities together. The park was created from the Harris County Precinct One bond proceeds, and it opened in 2016.

Its vision is to be a leading destination for inclusive play where all children can play, learn and grow together without limitations. The park's mission is to offer children with disabilities the same opportunity to play and have fun like other children while promoting equality and diversity. The park features multiple structures that encourage children of all abilities to engage, such as wheelchair swings, sensory play areas, and a splash pad.

The organization has worked hard to bring together an inclusive space that fosters community and development for its visitors. Ultimately, the James Driver All-Inclusive Park has created a playground that supports and celebrates differences in every way, making it a remarkable place that brings joy and happiness to every child who visits.

What to Do at James Driver All-Inclusive Park

Here are some of the amazing things to do at the park:

  • Inclusive Playground Equipment: James Driver All-Inclusive Park features a range of inclusive playground equipment, such as adaptive swings, sensory play equipment, and wheelchair swings. Kids of all abilities can engage in fun physical activities during their visit.
  • Splash Pad: Visitors can enjoy the park's splash pad for an exciting water play experience.
  • Picnic Pavilion: The picnic pavilion at the park makes a great location for a family picnic during a day out in the sun.
  • Community Garden: The park boasts a community garden open to the public. Visitors can connect with nature while enjoying the company of others in the community.
  • Walking Path: The walking path offers visitors a chance to stroll through the park and soak in the beautiful surroundings.
  • Playground Parties: The park allows visitors to organize their customized playground party, making it the perfect venue to celebrate a special occasion.
  • Family Gatherings: James Driver All-Inclusive Park has plenty of green spaces to enjoy a family picnic or gathering on the open lawn.

Other Important Information

The park is open all year round, with the hours of operation being Monday - Saturday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. There is no admission fee to James Driver All-Inclusive Park, and no reservations are required for entry into the park or its facilities.

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